Monuments of the ancientsCreating a picture on the plateau Kofun landscapes in the southern lands of Miyazaki

A number of keyhole-shaped burial mounds, called kofun, were constructed on the Miyazaki Plain. Among these kofun, which are unique to Japan, were the Saitobaru Burial Mounds.
Whereas the scenery surrounding the other kofun which scatter the Japanese archipelago have undergone natural changes with the passage of time, the Miyazaki Plain remains much the same as it did in its prosperous times long ago.In order to preserve the appearance and shape of the kofun, the Miyazaki Plain features almost no surrounding buildings, the only kofun site in Japan to do this.(The Miyazaki Plain is unique among kofun sites in that it offers a landscape that leaves the original appearance and shape of the kofun intact, with almost no surrounding buildings.)

Centuries of kofun construction

While many of the kofuns scattered throughout the Japanese archipelago have deteriorated over the years, a plateau in the Miyazaki Plain uniquely offers a landscape in which the original appearance and shape of kofuns has remained largely unchanged, with very few surrounding buildings.

The scenery surrounding the kofuns has remained much the same as when they were constructed - Saitobaru Burial Mounds -

Saitobaru Burial Mounds are situated on a plateau over the west bank of the Hitotsuse River, which flows through the Miyazaki Plain.

Various kofun landscapes around the Saitobaru Burial Mounds

There are other groups of mounded tombs with few surrounding buildings besides the Saitobaru Burial Mounds.

Feel the centuries of kofun construction

The groups of mounded tombs have produced a number of mythologies, legends, and rituals related to kofuns.

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