The Japan Heritage Story

Feel the centuries of kofun construction

The groups of mounded tombs have produced a number of mythologies, legends, and rituals related to kofuns. One of them is the story of Konohana-Sakuya Hime (princess of blossoming trees), who is believed to have been buried in the Mesahozuka Burial Mound. If you visit the kofuns in chronological order of its most flourishing powers, which means in the order of Ikime Burial Mounds (4th century)→Saitobaru Burial Mounds ,Mochida Burial Mounds (5th century)→Nyutabaru Burial Mounds (6th century)→Hasugaike Cave Tomb Cluster (6-7th century), you can feel the rise and fall of powerful local clan leaders in South Kyushu. This will bring the Kofun period to life for you, and help you to appreciate objects unearthed from them, including burial items and haniwas (ceramic clay figures).

Osahozuka Burial Mound

Only the Miyazaki Plain offers this unique way of experiencing kofun clusters. Come and take your time to explore!

Ikime Burial Mounds