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“Sunmesse Nichinan” is situated on the top a slightly elevated hill along the Nichinan coastline. Located here are Moai statues, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The landscape, with seven replicas of Easter Island Moai statues reaching 5.5m high, is in complete harmony with the blue sea. It is said that if one touches the second Moai statue from the right, one will be blessed with economic fortune. If one touches the third statue from the left, one will have luck in love.

Southern parts of Miyazaki Amusement parks

Sunmesse Nichinan

2650 Oaza Miyaura, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken
Entrance fee; *Adults: 700 yen (500 yen). *Junior/High school student: 500 yen (400yen). *Children (4 years and younger): 350 yen (300). The number in brackets is the price for groups. There is a separate fee for the experience program.
65 minute bus ride from Miyazaki Station. Get off at Moai Saki.

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